Handmade Children's Clothes to Cherish

Once upon a time, lucky boys and girls wore unique, handmade outfits for the most important occasions.

An exquisite lace-trimmed christening gown…

A smart, crisp sailor suit…

A tiny organza princess dress...

Clothes made to be passed down through generations - as treasured reminders of the occasions they were first worn.

Handmade clothes carry the memories of special times with the people who matter most. And over the years, they’re brought out, shared, and reminisced about, long after the original recipient has grown up.

At Dawn Clarke Designs we design and make unique, handmade children’s clothes to cherish.

Vintage-inspired pieces, made using traditional techniques, with skilful attention to every detail.

Modern heirlooms, made with love.

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Winchester Fashion Week Catwalk Finale 2019

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If you have creative ideas of your own or would like to adapt one of my designs, why not drop me a line at info@dawnclarkedesigns.co.uk or call me on 01962 670014.

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