Face Masks

Welcome to my Face Mask Page.

As I mention in the video, I was asked to share with you how I am making my face masks for friends, family and local community. I can take no credit for the wonderful design or instructions of the mask and would recommend visiting www.mybluprint.com where I found the face mask or www.craftpassion.com

All the masks I have made for my friends, family and community were produced as a gift for them in such difficult times. It would make my heart sing if you were inspired by my video to create, as a gift too!

Face Mask - Step 1

Dawn Clarke Designs Face Mask Step1.mp4

Face Mask - Step 2

Dawn Clarke Designs Face Mask Step2.mp4

Face Mask - Step 3

Dawn Clarke Designs Face Mask Step3.mp4

Face Mask - Tips & Tricks

Dawn Clarke Designs Tips & Tricks.mp4

Disclaimer: Homemade face masks are not medical grade. There is no guarantee that a homemade face mask and materials will protect a user or others around them from COVID-19 or any other hazards. Anyone using a homemade face mask and materials following the instructions mentioned in this video do so at their own risk.